Better Build - Version 2

Hello guys~

Just a quick update on the Itch site, just to keep you updated.

A new version of Better Build is currently on it's way. This version should contain Spawners, Zones and a all new UI for easier use.

I don't know yet how long it will take, but i guess about a month from now.

Have a nice day and thanks to all my users!

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Hey Saty! Thanks for making this mod. I am SUCH a fan! Keep the update going, because I'm really hoping to play better-build in 6.0! Thanks!


Better Build is already available for 6.0 :) Just update via the installer

Oh, thanks for the tip! I also have an idea for betterbuild v2. Maybe add a treasure pod creator, where you can select the type of treasure pod (green, blue, or black/purple) and select what items go in it. Thanks!